Every woman who heals HerSelf

helps heal all Women who came before Her and All those who come after Her.

Below is a short description of my sacred offerings to get an idea of the support I am offering to heal the wounds of the feminine psyche (soul) and nurture you back to wholeness.  

Individual sessions normally take around 3 hours as they may include abdominal massage and energy healing (ie reiki) to rebalance and restore the flow of energy in your body before moving to shamanic drum journeying to heal what lies beneath. No two sessions are ever the same as all my work is guided or channelled from the Great Spirit. It is possible to arrange a shorter version so please contact me with your request and I will arrange a free phone consultation to clarify the intention for your session.

'Happy Womb Happy Life' is a programme offering of 8 (+1) sessions nurtuting your feminine essence back to Wholeness and embodying your sacred purpose in life.

It includes shadow work, energy healing and womb practices to  heal the wounds of the feminine psyche and reawaken your sovereign power as a Woman. In addition, you will learn how to bring a healing awareness into your womb / feminine centre, rebalance your whole energy and connect with the 'inner seasons' of your menstrual cycle as the 'guiding map' to your wellbeing and personal fulfillment.

This programme can be taken individually or as part of a group. Please email me for more information and next group dates.

Happy Womb Happy Life

During pregnancy, it is said that a woman's spirit and body becomes a bridge with the Heavens to welcome the soul of the new baby on to Earth. As her body and hormones transform, her psyche also opens like a flower whose song is heard through the language of emotions. During this very special time, the woman benefits greatly from being held, nourished and supported so that her loving energy flows to nourish the baby and they both enjoy a good happy pregnancy.

So if you are feeling stressed, worried or detached, come to nourish your self (and the baby) with some gentle energy work and shamanic journeying to the Source of Light / Source of Life.

Sacred Pregnancy

The Rites of Passage is a celebration of the main stages in every woman's life: Birth (please see Sacred Rebirthing) - Menarche (first blood) - Motherhood - Menopause.

Regardless your age, a Rite of Passage Ceremony & Healing enables you to revisit those defining moments of transition that shaped your identity and experience as a woman. 

For those drawn to this, it's an invitation of 'Self Love' to explore all the unconscious beliefs and agreements that you have inherited from your upbringing and quite possibly run through your mother line so that you may fully embrace the unique essence of you. 

Rites of Passage

Deeply restorative soul healing that nurtures your unique essence in the Now.

Through shamanic drum journeying, you are guided to the Source of Light to heal karmic residue, ancestral patterns and other energetic imprints that you have inherited from your parents during your conception, time in utero, birth and early years.

The session also includes healing the placenta where the umbilical cord attaches to connect mother and baby and provide nourishment (and therefore healing the relationship with the biological mother). This session is completed working with the Nature Beings who look after the place of your birth to restore the energetic template of your connection to Mother Earth, hence your wellbeing, relations and abundance in life.

Soul ReBirthing and Healing the Placenta

'Closing the Bones' or else known as Cerrada is a traditional mexican practice of a gentle form of full body massage with a long wrap that helps new mums close the pelvic bones and gather their energy back after giving birth. It also includes a 'limpia' (water cleanse) and a mother & baby blessing.

This is a great gift to yourself for becoming a mother (again) that works on the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual level. 

Rebozo Postnatal Massage & Closing the Bones Ceremony

This is a bespoke offering for any woman who may need extra support during a major life transition or after experiencing trauma.

I normally combine the 'Closing the Bones Ceremony' with abdominal massage and shamanic healing in order to cleanse the energies of the past, recentre and rebalance the sense of self into the body, and restore the energetic support system.

If you feel that this may be beneficial for you, please contact me to discuss the particulars and create something that feels most right for you.

Major Life Transitions or Trauma

Shamanic Full Moon Circle for Women

On a monthly basis on / around the full moon, I am holding a Red Tent in Wimbledon inviting women to unwind from daily life and gather in true sisterhood to connect with the feminine wisdom of the wombspace and Mother Nature. Each month, we are exploring a different theme (intention). There is shamanic drum journeying to harmonize with the energies of the Full Moon. Whenever the weather permits we gather outdoors to re-wild ourselves with singing, moving and drumming under the full moon and the starry sky.

For the next gathering, please visit the Events Page.

Our Red Tent is part of 'Red Tents In Every Neighborhood GLOBAL NETWORK'.

We are devoted to creating RED TENTS

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