Feminine & Womb Healing

I am offering bespoke sessions that cater to the needs of each woman to help you restore your sense of self, creativity and physical wellbeing of your womb.


Healing the feminine nature is about learning to honour the cyclical wisdom of your body (menstrual cycle) and balance the inner feminine and masculine.

A lot of the discord in the feminine psyche comes from ancestral patterns (and karma), our upbringing and the general conditioning of our times (ie media, religion) that often promotes very limited and/ or unrealistic feminine rolemodels.

In addition to the Feminine Rites of Passage, I am offering Inner Child, Ancestral Healing and Soul ReBirthing sessions that support the letting go of the false and limiting self beliefs and help you return in the right relationship with ALL of yourself that includes your self confidence, intuition, creativity and pleasure! 

For women who wish to enter a deeper relationship with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, I have created the Hieros Gamos (Sacred Union) programme that helps you harmonise the relational patterns in your life and step fully into your authentic power.

I also assist women with unresolved grief or trauma .


To Book A Session

Please email me at mfotiou12@gmail.com for a free consultation

to discuss best available support for your needs and arrange your session. 

Red Tent Gatherings and Other Free Talks

There is great power and support in sisterhood which is why I am regularly holding red tents and other free talks on various topics

where we can come together in sisterhood for guidance, healing and support. 

For those who wish to join

Please email me at mfotiou12@gmail.com and I will send you the information for our next gathering and/ or free talk.

Our Red Tent is part of 'Red Tents In Every Neighborhood GLOBAL NETWORK'.

We are devoted to creating RED TENTS in every CITY, TOWN, VILLAGE & COMMUNITY! 
Click here to connect to our Global Movement: http://www.deannalam.com/global-network/

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