Feminine & Womb Healing

Welcome dear SiStars to this page!

I am very excited to be adding soon Shamanic Womb Massage in my therapeutic toolkit for Feminine & Womb Healing.

This page will be updated by end of April to reflect this accordingly.

In the meantime I am available for Feminine & Womb Healing sessions through a combination of shamanic healing, feminine rites and ceremonies, energy healing, taoist abdominal massage, and hypnotherapy.

I can assist you with

Unshackling the feminine psyche from patriarchal conditioning and restoring a healthy relationship with your Womb as the centre of your feminine creativity, intuition and vitality.

Reclaiming your Sacred Feminine Nature and the truth of who you are 

Healing your relationship with Divine Masculine

Removing cords and attachments to past or present lovers

Clearing energetic blockages and power leaks

Clearing unresolved grief or trauma from the womb (and soul essence)

Clearing ancestral patterns passed down through your DNA and time in utero from your Mother & Father Line

Harnessing the power of your menstrual cycle for healing and empowerment


Positive relationship with your feminine body and menstrual cycle

Improved self confidence & vitality

Enhanced intuition

Uninhibited creativity

Improved relationships

Greater capacity for pleasure

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