Wild Feminine facebook live circle

7-week starting on 10th November until 22nd December at 7pm

I would like to invite you this Sunday to a facebook live introducing the book "The Wild Feminine" by Tami Lynn Kent, a must-read for all women regardless your age or if you are still menstruating, which is about restoring the connection to the pelvic bowl, the centres of the Feminine Self and Creative Power.

My intention is to hold 7 facebook lives (starting this Sunday 10th November) talking about the information provided in each chapter, guiding you through some of the practices and sharing further suggestions and ideas as inspiration to support your inner journey of Self Transformation and Realisation.

On SUNDAY 10th, I am guiding a visualisation to connect with the flow of the creative energy in the pelvic bowl and create your personal womb altar for healing and transformation. The feminine body is designed to be creative and expressing the feminine creative essence through art and ritual is a great way to start releasing blockages and embody the creative power.

If you cannot do the facebook live, you can always visit the group page and watch later.

If you have not read the book, I encourage you to get yourself a copy (you can find it in Amazon) as there is a lot of valuable information, practical exercises and inspirational stories. Regardless whether you have the book or not, my hope is that you find these facebook lives enjoyable and helpful in restoring your connection to Sacred Feminine in your body and every day life. I warmly invite you in the coming weeks to post your comments and share your experiences in this space weaving the thread of sisterhood.

To join us please visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/325181344988896/

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