Maia is a very special person - full of light and intelligence and a true gift. I went for a session with her without really knowing what I was doing or going for - I was guided to find a shaman and arrived on Maia's proverbial doorstep. She listened to me ramble and then gave me her thoughts - all of which made sense and we agreed that I would experience an energy cleansing and rebirthing ceremony. And then she set to work and oh goodness was it a powerful experience and every step of the way she was present with me. The energy cleansing felt wonderful and even though I was totally new to shamanic work I felt very safe and seen and honoured. The rebirthing work and guided meditation given by Maia offered me a space for profound healing and as if the fractional wounds of my soul's choice of parents were put back together. It's really very difficult to describe and obviously a highly personal journey but I have no hesitation in recommending Maia and feeling full of gratitude for her presence and her life force.


Shamanic Soul ReBirthing

I am extremely fortunate to have come across Maia. I did not know what to expect but Maia was very generous with her time before starting the session allowing me to feel very comfortable in her presence. Maia guided me through so many energetic layers until I reached the truth at my core, the quality of my soul, as it were. This is amazing in one session. I didn’t hear all of Maia’s words as I felt myself drifting in and out of the session but I came away with a deep knowing of my truth. Maia is like a beautiful deep red rose filled with softness beauty and strength to hold you as you are gently guided into your inner core.

I would highly recommend Maia as a healer who can assist you in becoming who you came to this earth to be.


Shamanic Healing

Maia's abdominal massage  treatment works on a very profound level.  

She is guided by  a deep intuition  and always seems to know what area needs to be massaged and/or released. I am going through a very difficult phase in my life and have now been to see Maya several times, each time I come away feeling energized, calmer, more empowered and with a clearer sense of purpose. I have thoroughly enjoyed each treatment, and they all have varied from a quite deep stomach massage to gentle energy work. Maya works on what part of your being is in most need. I totally trust her work and am very lucky to have met this wonderful healer. 



Abdominal Massage

I had problems with anxiety, panic attacks and stress all related with work.

I was ill for a long time without realising how bad I was. I had psychotherapy which was not enough for me. I was against taking anti-depressants as they mask the problem instead of treating the root-cause. I decided to try hypnotherapy and found Maia online. I liked that Maia is coming from a corporate background and she can completely understand how work and the busy lifestyle can affect our lives. It was a very nice experience to try hypnotherapy, visualisation, reiki and crystal therapy all mixed together in the different sessions. Maia tailored her experience and skills very nicely to approach and help me with my problems. I managed to return to work, build my inner confidence and strength and stand back on my feet.

So many nice things have hapend in my life after the sessions with Maia.

I recommend Maya to anybody who is looking for help and wants to improve themselves. 



Clinical Hypnotherapy

Maia is an exceptional healer.

She is authentic, humble, fun and warm. She brings fantastic insights, and she really gets people and their spiritual journeys. Doing both group and individual sessions with her, she creates an incredibly deep meditative healing space. I have never had anything like this, where it becomes so easy to go so deep in a very natural way.

I can highly recommend working with her, she knows her stuff!


Women's Healing

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