Soul Retrieval & Realignment Workshop

Sunday 16th December, 3pm to 7pm (optional to stay longer)

I warmly invite you to this workshop nearing the end of year where you can bring with you one issue that has been troubling you and you wish to leave behind for good!

Soul retrieval is a shamanic healing technique that reconciles the past and restores inner balance and harmony in life. It is based on the principle that during our lives, we may experience events or relationships that stamp our spiritual and psychological development leading to a loss of personal power (ie self confidence) or direction in life. On spiritual level, we often talk about "soul loss" to describe a part of a person's life force energy that got frozen or blocked in a past moment. On emotional / mental level, it only takes a moment for the unconscious mind to weave any emotional or physical reactions triggered by external circumstances, and create an unconscious belief or idea that changes the way you see yourself, express and/ or relate in the world.

In simple terms, soul loss is about loosing touch with one's true identity as well as part of their life-force energy due to self-limiting beliefs and / or unprocessed emotions from the past that hold back a person from living an authentic life. It is usually quite hard, if not impossible, to tell straight away when soul loss takes place, as it happens on a subtle unconscious level. Yet the tell-tale symptoms tend to manifest rather quickly in the form of:
feeling somehow disconnected from yourself or uncertain about your abilities;
- - lack of enjoyment or vitality in your life; etc
- feeling lost or stuck (direction-less) in your life;
- or knowing what to do yet not doing it (loss of will-power);
- finding yourself in a repeated cycle that you wish to break free from;

Whatever it is that has been holding you back until now, you will have the opportunity in this workshop to weed the root energy out from your life for good. In order to do so, we will go on shamanic journey to heal the following aspects of the current issue and help you re-harmonize your inner self with your outer reality:
- how this issue is present / affects you now;
- when it manifested for the first time in this life;
- any ancestral patterns that may be affecting/ causing this issue;
- any past lives that may also be affecting / causing this issue.

This workshop will last 4 hours from 3pm to 7pm closing with oracle cards for the future and followed by some quiet group time where we can share some nibbles for whoever wishes to stay longer.

The exchange of energy for this workshop is £55 (or £45 for low income). As we are really going deep, I prefer a small circle of 4 - 6 participants. If you wish to book your place, please email me directly at and I also require a £20 pounds deposit to confirm the booking.

Please bring with you a yoga mat and a soft blanket to lie down comfortably on the floor together with pen and paper to write down the messages received from your Guides.

This workshop is held in a private residence in Wimbledon (full address is provided upon booking).

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