1-Day In-person Workshop:

Healing the Conception & Birth Story 


Sunday 16th August, 2020 - Open to All

Sunday 23rd August,  2020 - Women only


Soul Re-Birthing Series:

It is with great joy that I would like to invite you to this very special 1-day of ceremonial healing to honour the Ancestors and re-write your Conception and Birth story.

This is part of the Soul ReBirthing process that I have been offering the last few years to assist others to feel more grounded and in tune with their Authentic Self and at peace with the world around them. It's a beautiful deep process that guides you all the way back to the very 'beginning' of existence to heal the original wound of separation from Spirit to Matter (mirrored in the 'mother wound' from cutting the umbilical cord) and bring the Self together into a new Whole. At its core, this process is a Celebration of Life helping you, especially if you are a Highly Sensitive Person, to restore a sense of belonging and finding true joy in your self and as part of the physical reality.

This day is especially for you:

  • If you are unsure about your self (low self esteem issues) and where you are going (lack of direction);

  • If you often experience a sense of 'not belonging / fitting in' or general ungroundedness;

  • If you have difficulty 'birthing' your dreams, goals and aspirations into reality;

  • If you feel that you have unresolved issues from your childhood and/ or in relation to your parents that are affecting you in the Now.

What is covered:


This 1-day workshop includes 3 ceremonies combined with shamanic drum journeying.

In the morning, we start with Blessing the Waters of Life Ceremony to honour your Ancestors and give thanks for the gift of Life. During the Ceremony, we are calling upon the Ancestors of your Blood and Land that include your Mother & Father Lines as well as the Ancestors from the Land you were born; and the Land where you currently reside (if different).


Connecting with the Highest Selves of your Ancestors and the Nature Spirits of the Land, the purpose of this ceremony is to restore your connection to the ancestral wisdom, gifts and support. Helping you transcend the 'old story' of outdated patterns and relational dynamics in your family, you will be able to connect with the Light Essence - the divine qualities - that come through your Ancestral Roots and as part of your soul connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky. For this Ceremony, you will also be working with herbal medicine to heal the ancestral memory in your body and develop your capacity to receive the true nourishment (Earth Medicine). We will also be working with Crystals to seed the divine qualities that you are here to embody from your ancestral lines.

In the second part of the morning, we move into Healing the Conception & Birth Story ceremony combined with shamanic drum journeying under the guidance and support of your Highest Self. 


Nowadays, it is a well-known fact that the mother's state of wellbeing directly affects the baby during pregnancy. For example, when the mother is unwell or suffers (ie from stress or an accident or other complications during labor), the energetic stress is capable of affecting the physical and psychological development of the baby (incl. gestational trauma). Because the baby's consciousness is so 'young' (and therefore sensitive to energy) these gestational experiences tend to imprint on the emotional, mental and etheric body limiting a person's sense of identity and ability to feel loved, nourished and protected later in life.

Through the shamanic drum journeying you will have the opportunity to revisit the moment of your conception to heal the energy of your parents that brought you into this life as well as your time in utero to release any unhelpful influences and energetic imprints affecting your sense of identity and life path. You will also have the opportunity to heal your birth story that is directly associated with the ability to change and transition effortlessly. Finally, you will also heal any wounds of separation (known as the 'mother wound') in the placenta and umbilical cord that directly inform your energetic presence and ability to receive.

In the afternoon, there is a Marrying the Land Ceremony and shamanic journeying that connects you with your highest purpose. This is an ancient practice that symbolises the deeper yearning of the soul and greatest contribution in life to cultivate your natural gifts and talents and share them with the world. As part of this Ceremony, you will also receive some inner child healing to re-align your path from your birth to the present moment. By letting go the 'baggage' of the past you are now set free to move forward in a new direction.

"The ReBirthing process guided by Maia offered me a space for profound healing and as if the fractional wounds of my soul's choice of parents were put back together. It's really very difficult to describe and obviously a highly personal journey but I have no hesitation in recommending Maia and feeling full of gratitude for her presence and her life force."

To Book Your Place:


This workshop is held in my private residence in Wimbledon (London) and there are limited places in accordance with the social distancing measures. The sacred investment for the whole day is £85 (or £70 for low income) paid in advance with a £40 deposit to secure your place.

To register, please email me at mfotiou12@gmail.com letting me know which of the 2 dates you would like to attend and I will send you the payment details together with the joining instructions for what you need to prepare for the day.

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