Shamanic Soul ReBirthing

This is a 3.5 - 4hrs session that includes a deep cleansing of your energy body with a Limpia followed by shamanic drum journeying to heal ancestral and karmic influence as well as energetic imprints from your Conception and Birthing story, and help realign your sense of Self and life path with your Divine nature.


In the first part of the session you receive a full Limpia, an Andean cleansing and rebalancing technique that moves through the different layers of your energetic body to shift heavy energies (ie emotions, thoughts, imprints) and bring you back into balance. Working predominantly with flowers, plants, burning incense, etc as well as sound healing (in the form of healing sounds and songs), the Limpia nourishes your whole Self with life force energy from Mother Earth enabling your body, mind and spirit to relax and integrate the soul healing.

The second part of the session is shamanic drum journeying connecting with your Highest Self who oversees and guides the healing process. Typically, a Soul ReBirthing includes journeying back to the Source and connecting with Mother and Father Divine to release outdated karmic agreements, contracts and vows that you may have unconsciously carried forward in this life and they no longer benefit your current life path. 


Then we move into the moment of your conception to heal your parents's energies during their lovemaking that 'invited' your early consciousness in this physical reality. During our session together, I help you release the energetic imprints that you may have picked up from your parents and reharmonise your inner feminine and masculine creative energy. 

Following that, you are gently guided to your time in utero which is the beginning of your relationship with your biological mother and it also in-forms your connection with the Sacred Feminine, and specifically the Divine Mother Archetype in terms of feeling whole, safe, nourished and supported. Guided by your Highest Self, we start healing any early distress, trauma or soul loss that you may have experienced whilst you were still in your mother's womb. This is especially relevant and beneficial if your mother was unwell or in distress or in case of complications during pregnancy and birth. As your consciousness is so pure and innocent at this early stage of your physical life, it is very sensitive to the energy of your mother as well as the environment that surrounds her. Challenging situations including high stress, accidents or other health complications that distress the mother may also traumatise the embryo. This early trauma can imprint emotional energy and unconscious beliefs (ie it's not safe here, I am not loved, etc) or even lead to the embryo experiencing soul fright or soul loss. This is when a part of the consciousness dissociates in order to cope with the situation and it can lead to loss of power, disconnection or not feeling whole later in life. Similarly, an important part of the Shamanic Soul ReBirthing session focuses on reconnecting with the spirit of Placenta and healing the umbilical cord from the - commonly premature - cutting that takes place postbirth that can also traumatise the baby leading to anxiety and separation issues. Together, we restore your sacred connection to your Self and Mother Earth.

By healing your conception and birthing story, you are reclaiming the deepest aspect of your Inner Feminine nature, that which creates and sustains life. You are re-learning to 'mother' yourself, being present in your Self and nourishing your body, mind and spirit. The more you give and allow your Self to receive what's truly good for you, you develop a new confidence and make new choices in life. You signal to the Universe that you are ready, willing and open to receive "the good stuff"!!!

A Soul ReBirthing session completes with a beautiful ceremony of Remembrance of your True Self calling the Nature Beings who preside over the place of your birth (usually the nearest mountain/ hilltop and natural body of water) and act as your Nature Guardians offering their energetic support and guidance throughout your life. 

Special Offer 


For best results during these times of collective and planetary transition, I am offering to those who book a Shamanic Soul ReBirthing session free participation on a closed group circle on 28th October connecting with the New Moon in Scorpio, the sign of Transformation, to integrate this healing across other life aspects and plant the seeds for the new cycle!

For those who cannot attend 28th October, you will receive the recording.

Also anyone 'new' to shamanic and/ or energy work will also receive a recording of an energy cleansing and rebalancing practice to support your journey.

To book your Session


The sacred exchange for a Shamanic Soul ReBirthing session is 200 pounds. Sessions take place in Wimbledon and the full address is provided upon booking. To book your session, please email me at

What others said

"Maia guided me through so many energetic layers until I reached the truth at my core, the quality of my soul, as it were. This is amazing in one session"


"It opened up so much from my relationship with my own mother and really helped me find myself. Truly Divine!"


"The energy cleansing felt wonderful and even though I was totally new to shamanic work I felt very safe and seen and honoured.   The rebirthing work and guided meditation given by Maia offered me a space for profound healing and as if the fractional wounds of my soul's choice of parents were put back together."

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