Shamanic Soul ReBirthing

Embracing the Natural State of your Authentic Self in the Here & Now. 

Soul ReBirthing (or Healing the Soul Essence) is a subtle process guided by your Highest Self to help you create powerful shifts in your sense of self and clarify your path in life. Through the ReBirthing process, we are letting go of the accustomed ways of being and doing (a form of ego death) in order to align with - and embody - the Highest Expression of our Authentic Self in the Here and Now.

This process is for anyone who may be feeling stuck or may experience difficulties such as low self esteem, isolation, lack of abundance, problems in relationships, etc. It is particularly helpful for highly sensitive individuals who may struggle with the collective energy and find it hard to 'fit in' or 'make things happen' consistently and follow their bliss.

Together we are revisiting the time between lives to review soul contracts and agreements and release what is no longer helpful so that you can receive in your highest benefit. Some of these contracts are linked to past life experiences. Other contracts are between souls that have agreed to come together in this life through the same family tree (or other major life events and relationships). During the conception and time in utero, your energy body will start forming / receiving these karmic and ancestral imprints. In addition, you start 'receiving' information fro your mother as well as the surrounding environment which will all influence your sense of self, your relations and progress in life.

The main benefit of the Shamanic Soul ReBirthing is that it clears karmic and ancestral influences as well as other energetic imprints from your conception, time in utero and birth re-informing your whole energetic template and helping you feel:

- connected, centred and grounded in the physical body;

- happy and at peace with the Self and Our Relations;

- safe, nourished, supported in this physical reality;

- clear about our life purpose and confident to follow through.


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Blessed Be Soul Star Sisters and Brothers!
I am so looking forward to walking this journey with you all!

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