Shamanic Soul ReBirthing

Embracing the Natural State of your Authentic Self in the Here & Now. 

Soul ReBirthing (or Healing the Soul Essence) is a subtle process guided by your Highest Self that helps you find true joy through embodied Pr-Essence (Soul Essence).


It's a beautiful deep process that guides you all the way back to the very 'beginning' of existence to heal the original wound of separation from Spirit to Matter (mirrored in the 'mother wound' from cutting the umbilical cord) and bring the Self together into a new Whole. At its core, this process is a Celebration of Life helping you, especially if you are a Highly Sensitive Person, to restore your sense of belonging and help you fulfill your life purpose in this physical reality.

What does Soul ReBirthing involve?

Before the Soul incarnates in the physical reality, it remembers all previous life times of existence and chooses their next family, place and time of birth that will provide the 'key' (most important) life experiences that support the soul's evolution. During the conception and time in utero, the Soul enters the karmic field of the family tree as well as the collective through a veil of amnesia, also known as non-remembrance of the Soul Spirit Self and its connection to the Source of Light. 

In this state of non-remembrance, the consciousness becomes susceptible to additional influences from the ancestral and collective field that are not in alignment with the soul's life plan and evolution keeping the person stuck in the karmic wheel of suffering.

Discoveries in the modern science of epigenetics shows that behavioral (as well as physical) patterns are also encoded in the DNA and passed down through generations. It is a well-known fact that the mother's state of wellbeing directly affects the baby during pregnancy. For example, when the mother is unwell or suffers (ie from stress or an accident or other complications during labor), the energetic stress on the baby can affect its psychological development including the sense of self and ability to feel loved, safe and supported later in life.

This can often materialise in the following form:

  • Disconnection from Self and Spirit;

  • Lack of clarity of direction or purpose in life;
  • Repetitive problems in relationships;
  • Lack of abundance (ability to receive);
  • Difficulty to 'birth' your vision, aspirations, desires in to Life;
  • Depression, loneliness, isolation or addiction;

  • A sense of 'not belonging/ fitting in'.

During the Soul ReBirthing process, we are revisiting the moment of your conception, time in utero and birth to clear the unhelpful influences from your mother, your ancestry and the collective that do not support your soul's plan. More than that, we are removing layers of the ego-self identity that were created from heavy emotions, limiting beliefs, fears, pain, etc and we are creating a 'new space' for you to re-align your sense of self and life purpose.

How does it work?

The Soul ReBirthing process can take from 1 to 3 different sessions that normally cover the following:

> clearing your energy field from stagnant energy, cords and attachments so that you can connect more deeply with your soul essence;

> connecting with the Ancestors of your Blood and Land you were born to release karmic imprints and support your embodied pr-Essence in the Here and Now;

> revisiting the moment of conception, time in utero and birth story to clear unhelpful influences and restore your connection to your Highest Self and Source;

> reclaiming your Authentic Pr-Essence and re-aligning with your highest purpose.

Please remember that this process is guided by Spirit which means that the flow, structure, frequency and duration of each session and after-care support may vary from one person to another. 

For more information about availability, investment, etc and to book your session

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Blessed Be Soul Star Sisters and Brothers!
I am so looking forward to walking this journey with you all!
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