Shamanic Healing

My role as a Shamanic Healer is to create a safe energetic space and guide the process of your self healing and remembrance of your true nature.

When you come for your session, we discuss where you are currently experiencing at and what you wish to achieve or receive from your session. This helps me recommend the most appropriate form and method for your requirements. Generally, I bring an eclectic approach in my healing work that centres around the individual, as guided by Divine Grace and your Highest Self/ Spirit Allies, to help harmonise your body, mind, emotions with your Inner Being / Authentic Self. Together My aim and personal commitment is to help illuminate the present, repair the threads of the past and help you weave a new path in to your future where you feel connected, empowered and at peace with your Self.


As it is all guided by Divine Grace, an individual shamanic session can take many different forms dependent on your needs and the energy of the day. I tend to draw elements and combine practices from the various Traditions and Paths that I have studied in order to create a truly holistic treatment that tends to your body, mind, emotions and spirit. 

Online Sessions Available


It's not necessary to be in the same room with someone for the shamanic healing to work as it happens by shifting attention (consciousness) to non-ordinary (non-physical) states of awareness. This is why I have been offering and remain available for online sessions to rebalance your energy and support you with other forms of soul healing (please see below). It is also possible to hold despacho ceremonies and connect with the plant medicine online! Please feel free to message me at for more info and to arrange your session!


Energy Cleansing & Re-alignment (Limpia)
Working mainly on the physical, emotional and energetic level

Limpia (meaning 'Cleansing') is a Traditional Andean Technique that I have learnt from Itzhak Beery. It is used to rebalance the energy field by removing or extracting stale and negative energies and replace them with positive vibrations, renewed vigor and optimism. Itzhak has written a great article that explains the benefits and whole process in detail that you can also read here.


I tend to start most first sessions with a limpia because time and again, I have seen my clients feeling much more relaxed, lighter and in their bodies. When I come across deep-seated hooks or attachments, I tend to combine it with other crystal healing techniques and/ or shamanic drum journeying to clear the energy and bring my client back to wholeness. I also tend to combine with abdominal massage to help the release of suppressed emotions.


Soul Healing & Remembrance (Drum Journeying)
Working mainly on the psychological and spiritual level and also helping with loss of power

Shamanic drum journeying is a form of guided meditation with energy transmissions directly from Source to clear mental, emotional, energetic and psychic constructs that keep you from living your life in alignment with your true nature (Authentic Self). These constructs are the 'places' where there is a block or attachment to repetitive patterns, situations and relationships that create suffering.

Through altered states of awareness the shamanic drum journeying enables us to visit these spaces in your psyche to heal and liberate the aspects of the Self that are trapped there. This restores your sense of self and authentic power as well as provides you with clarity, direction and confidence.

Power (Animal) Retrieval

The animal totem symbolises an aspect of your Authentic Self that comes to guide, heal and protect you serving as a reminder of the Power (natural gifts and abilities) that you already have in you and perhaps you need to develop further (or rely upon more) to help you through life.

Connecting with your Power Animal can be particularly helpful when you are facing a difficult situation or you are starting something new and you want to bring out your best self.

Soul Retrieval

During painful or traumatic events in this life (or past lives), sometimes a part of the self 'flies' or 'freezes' in time to survive. The part of the self that dissociates is called a soul part or soul fragment. When it's left untreated for long periods of time, it can create holes in the energy body that tend to attract resonant energies to the initial trauma. Main symptoms include repetitive patterns, addictions, low energy or mood, loss of power as well as direction and confidence, and generally an inability to change or move forward in life.

During a soul retrieval session, I am guiding you through a process to heal the pain body, restore your energetic boundaries and facilitate the return of the soul part or fragment so that you can be whole again in yourself.

Chord Healing & Cutting (Relational Healing)

In its natural state, energy flows freely. During the day and the course of our lives, we exchange energy all the time with the people we meet and the places we visit. Quite literally, we are sending out (and receiving from other people, situations and places) filaments of energy with our words, thoughts and emotions.

When you are in a balanced and healthy state, the energy flows in and out in a harmonious way that nourishes your self and helps you attract the right relationships. Whilst it takes 2 people to form a relationship, it only takes 1 to change it. 

If you have a particularly difficult relationship or situation, it's worth looking at the exchange of energy - how you relate with that person, place or situation - and the unconscious agreements or aspects of self that create the disharmony. My role is to help you gain more clarity, heal the disharmonious aspects in yourself and help you return in the right relationship with the other. 

Inner Child

Revisiting your early and childhood years in life to clear uncomfortable emotions and beliefs that you have picked up from your upbringing and reclaim the authentic sense of self to improve confidence and unleash creativity and joy in life.

Ancestral Healing 

The science of Epigenetics has finally proven what indigenous wisdom has known for millennia about how the experiences of our Ancestors have affected the DNA passed down through generations and on to us.

An Ancestral Healing session helps you clear cycles and patterns of generational suffering and return in the right relationship with the Ancestral Wisdom and Gifts of your Roots. Typically, I offer separate sessions for your Mother and Father Line so that we get to focus on the respective parts of your ancestry as well as harmonise your connection with Feminine and Masculine.

Soul contracts & agreements

Connecting with your Highest Self to guide the process of returning through the oceanic waters of the Great Mother to the time before you were born to review your soul contracts and agreements for this life and help you reach your highest potential.

Past Lives Healing

Events and relationships from past lives can affect your thoughts, emotions and experiences today. A Past Lives session is typically offered following the guidance of Divine Grace and your Highest Self/ Spirit Allies to clear karmic influences, bring forth past knowledge and abilities as well as restore the right use of personal power in the Here and Now.

Heart Healing sessions with Cacao

For anyone feeling disconnected or experiencing uncomfortable emotions due to past hurts, I am inviting you to to meet the Plant Spirit of Cacao in your private ceremony that will help you heal your Heart.


A typical session includes shamanic drum journeying with Cacao and your Highest Self/ Spirit Allies. Sometimes it can also combined with other plant medicine through Limpia (an Andean energy healing and rebalancing technique) and massage with sacred oils.

Despacho Ceremonies

The Despacho Ceremony comes from the Andean Tradition. A 'despacho' is a sacred offering of food, flowers and other ingredients that are infused with the personal energy of our prayers to help us 'return in the right relationship with Self, Others, the Natural and Spirit World'. It is based on the Andean principle of ayni (sacred reciprocity) in recognition and gratitude for all our Relations in the Web of Life. Acccording to the Andean Tradition, there is no good or bad energy. Energy is viewed as heavy or light.

Therefore, a Despacho Ceremony can be done for healing, support and guidance on your path as well as for helping you release or clear heavy energy from old cycles.

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