Shamanic Healing: What to expect?

A shamanic healing session typically includes shamanic drum journeying (a form of guided meditation) that I channel directly from Source, hence no two journeys will ever be the same!


The shamanic drum, used for journeying, is known to carry the primordial vibration of the first-ever sound that comes into conscious awareness - the pulse of our mother's blood when we are still in the womb. Through the beat of the drum, you are guided into a state of expanded awareness that helps you review your current circumstances from a larger perspective and also connects you directly with Divine assistance to receive guidance and the energetic support for your personal healing and new life choices.

With clients who are new to shamanism and/ or are going through a crisis, I may start with some energy healing to rebalance their chakras, restore the flow of energy in their body and help them relax into themselves before the drum journeying.


At times, I may also work with agua de florida, crystals, stones, feathers, etc. 

My Mexhica Name
Malinalli Tecolocihuatl
Hierba Silvestre Mujer Tecolote
Silver Ivy Owl-Woman

From experience, the best way to "prepare" for a shamanic healing session is to gift yourself some quiet time before and after the session. This will enable you to receive and integrate the healing energy and any insights gained from your session in the most graceful and lasting manner. I also ask that you refrain from alcohol on the day due to its lower vibration.

Shamanic Healing Offered:

Rebirthing & Inner Child

Ancestral Patterns

Soul retrieval

Karmic influences & soul contracts from past lives

Chords & attachments in this life

Despacho ceremony


Healing the human energy field 

Weaving the belts of protection

Healing Light of Pleiades

What is Shamanism?

The term "shamanism" comes from the siberian word "saman" that roughly translates as (Holder of) Knowledge and is used to describe indigenous wisdom teachings and healing practices from cultures across the world. At the heart of these teachings lies the deep respect and appreciation of the Sacredness of All Life and the Inter-Connectedness of the human nature with Mother Earth and the Cosmos. Through a higher awareness of the natural and spirit world and understanding of the seen and unseen forces that govern it, indigenous cultures view dis-ease or affliction of the mental, emotional, energetic or physical body as a symptom of an energetic mis-alignment, blockage or imbalance. Therefore, the main purpose of shamanic practice is to cultivate the Knowledge (and receive the Healing energy) that enables us to live in harmony and at peace with own self, each other and All That Is. In shamanism, this starts through direct experience or observation of the inner states of being (unconscious) that shape the outer reality.

Here's some information on the main traditions I have been studying and that they have informed my healing practice.

Andean (Inka) Shamanism

The Andean cosmology views the whole world as "made of living energy" that is governed by the law of sacred reciprocity (ayni). It teaches us how to "be in the right relationship" with self, each other, nature and the spirit world by cultivating our qualities of: Love & Will (Munay); Action (Llankay); and Intellectual Knowledge (Yachay). ​In this world of living energy, there is no “positive” or “negative” – only heavier and more refined energies. “Sami” - the Quechua word for the finest living energy – literally means “nectar” and is supplied in abundance by Mother Nature.

I offer Inka healing techniques (illumination, despacho (sacred offering), etc) to help transform or refine any heavy energy, circulate sami across the client's body to release blockages and strengthen their energy field. 

Tol/ Mexhica Tradition

also provides a system of ancient practices to develop our perceptual skills and personal power. It also offers a map to enter the Unseen in order to heal and integrate our shadow. According to Jung, the shadow is a hidden or unconscious part of our psyche and unconscious programming, which the ego-personality has repressed, suppressed or rejected. Sometimes these are the old wounds and karmic issues that have weighed us down. Other times, it is our un-manifested potential in the form of hidden or undeveloped talents.

During a healing session, I connect with the energy of the heart to create a safe space for my client to explore and embrace these shadow aspects with love and compassion. Together, we move through the process of releasing limiting beliefs, stuck emotions and ancestoral patterns and create a new personal paradigm of authentic, joyful and abundant living.

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