Sacred Pregnancy & Postpartum

For all the new mammas, whether it's your first pregnancy or not, I am offering individual sessions to nourish your body, spirit and soul and help you with the ebbs and flows of life in this very special time.

As your body is preparing for motherhood, it is common to get triggered by the fast pace of life, the physical and hormonal changes as well as experience thoughts and emotions about your role and responsibilities as a Mother, often associated with your own childhood and relationship with your parents. In these cases, some gentle energy healing session such as Reiki will benefit you greatly as it helps rebalance your energy and harmonise body, mind and emotions. This can also be combined with a Rebozo massage, a traditional Mexican technique using long shawls to craddle the body to alleviate physical discomfort and/ or a Limpia, a traditional Andean healing technique with plants and flowers nourishing your whole body, spirit and mind with the life-force energy of Mother Earth. I also offer Shamanic Drum Journeying (a form of guided visualisation with energy transmissions) to connect directly with the Source of Life/ Source of Light when in need of soul healing.

During pregnancy, your physical and energy body 'opens' becoming a vessel for the new baby soul arriving on to this Earth and then 'empties' through giving birth. As part of PostPartum support, the Cerrada ('Closing of the Bones') is a traditional Mexican practice massaging your body with oils and flower essences to nourish yourself and using Rebozo cloths to 'close' the pelvis (return the bones to their original position) as well as gather your energy back to yourself. It is a particularly cleansing practice that helps rebalance body, mind and emotions and provides relief from postpartum depression symptoms. It also includes a Rite to Motherhood Blessing to celebrate you for creating and looking after this new life. Your partner and / or older children are most welcome to be present and participate.

A Cerrada is given any time after a woman has stopped bleeding from giving birth and it's never too late for it! It may be years since you have given birth and yet you will still experience the benefits!

I have trained in Rebozo Pregnancy & Postpartum massage with Angelina Martinez, a fourth generation Traditional Mexican Midwife.

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I feel very light since our session, light and playful.
The biggest change I feel is with my husband - I feel like I’m seeing him with new eyes! It’s amazing. 
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