Sacred Cacao

Group Ceremonies & Individual Sessions available

My love affair with Cacao goes back many years!

Formally I was introduced to Cacao as Sacred Plant Medicine by Angelina Martinez, a Traditional Mexican Midwife, who teaches how to use cacao during pregnancy. A couple of years later, I did an online course on Earth Plant Medicine and despite the fact that Cacao was not included in the course list, it took over the role of my main Plant Teacher. Since then, I commune directly with the Plant Spirit of the Cacao Tree who has been teaching me about the energetics of its different parts (ie cacao beans, trunk, roots, etc) and how to prepare the cacao together with different ingredients (ie spices, flowers, herbs) for ceremony and other healing purposes.

As a Master Plant Teacher, Cacao opens the Heart to the higher frequencies of Universal Love and it has been used for millenia by the indigenous tribes of Central and South America in ceremonies. My personal experience with Cacao is that it acts as a bridge calling in the Divine and awakening the Wisdom of the Heart (our Inner Guidance). It has a very gentle and heart-opening essence that helps dissolve blockages and guides gracefully on the Path of the Heart. 

Please see below more information about the Cacao ceremonies and Individual Heart Healing Sessions with Cacao that I am offering.

Heart Healing with Cacao 

Individual sessions 

For anyone feeling disconnected or experiencing uncomfortable emotions due to past hurts, I am inviting you to to meet the Plant Spirit of Cacao in your private ceremony that will help you heal your Heart.


A typical session includes shamanic drum journeying with Cacao and your Highest Self/ Spirit Allies. Sometimes it can also combined with other plant medicine through Limpia (an Andean energy healing and rebalancing technique) and massage with sacred oils. 

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