Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage celebrate the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another cycle. They have been an integral part of Women's Wisdom Traditions around the world with the main purpose to prepare the person emotionally, mentally and with the practical skills for the new phase in their lives. A lot of these practices have been forgotten in Western societies and started to re-emerge again in the recent years to help us restore inner harmony through major life events, abrupt endings and sudden loss. This can include getting your first period (moving from childhood to womanhood), becoming a mother, getting married (or divorced), menopause, losing a child or a loved one, coming out of a significant relationship or even a job.

Whether you are currently going through a transition or you have already been through these life changes many years ago, there is a very clear benefit from taking the time to honour your experience and process your thoughts and emotions. I am offering Rites of Passage that include healing transmissions, therapeutic practices and rituals that are specifically created to help you let go of the past, renew your confidence and sense of self in the present and gain more clarity for your future.


The most important 'element' in creating a life-affirming and self empowering Rite of Passage is YOU and the 'Story' of your past, present, future (goals, dreams and aspirations). To that end, I spend time in advance with you to hear your story and create a unique offering, as guided by your Highest Self, to help you release any unprocessed emotions and review your agreements and beliefs from the old cycle so that you are free to create what you desire in the new cycle.

I am available for facilitating Rites of Passage as an individual as well as a group session if you would prefer to do this together with your friends or other family members. Obviously when we work on a one-to-one basis, it means that the whole focus of the session is on You. A group session can also be a deeply enriching experience as it tends to bring up shared experiences and deepen the sense of mutual and self appreciation and understanding.

To Book A Rite of Passage

Please see below a list with the Feminine Rites of Passage that I am offering. For other big life events and transitions, please get in touch via email at mfotiou12@gmail.com to discuss your requirements.

Generally I recommend 4 hours for a Rite of Passage session however this could also be accommodated in shorter or longer sessions ranging from 2 hrs to a full day!

Menarche Rite

(First Blood)

Fosters a healthy relationship with the feminine body, the menstrual cycle and what it means to be (/come) a woman. 

It helps adult women release emotions stored in the womb and outdated beliefs around their feminine nature that come from their upbringing. It is also highly recommended for young girls entering puberty as part of developing a positive body image and self confidence.

Rite to Motherhood

Celebrates the Woman for creating new life and her role as a Mother as part of her 'new identity'.

It also creates a safe space to explore fears and insecurities around parenthood (ie available support, work and family, loss of individual identity, etc) and come into your own terms about what it means to stand in your full power and look after yourself and your family.

Sometimes this session includes ancestral work or healing, especially with the mother line.


Celebrates Menopause as a spiritual journey calling the Woman back to Her Self. 

In fact, hormonal fluctuations and physical discomfort often mirror the soul's stirrings against all that is no longer serving your emotional and psychological wellbeing. Often described as 'the Second Blossoming',  the post-menopausal years are times when children are generally old enough and do not require the same level of attention. This means that you are now given once again the time and space to pursue your own interests, start a new hobby, travel, etc which bring enhanced creativity and a renewed sense of fulfillment.

This is a very beautiful Rite that invites you to embrace your body, review your agreements with self and others and make a new commitment to stay true in your Self.

Grief (from Loss orTrauma)

Creates a safe space to help you release painful emotions such as grief, sadness or anger and start healing your heart. 

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