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Updated: Mar 23

A shamanic perspective on Death & ReBirth

This time of ReBirth of the Collective Consciousness invites us all to Re-Turn in the Right Relationship with Self and the World around Us.

Sitting in the portal between the Spring Equinox (March 20/21) and the New Moon in Aries (March 24), I found myself transmuting energies arising from the global epidemic of corona virus.

The planetary and collective consciousness is Being ReBirthed into the New Age of Aquarius! Whether we like it or not, it's not possible to have the full ReBirth without first, going through the Death process and the dying of the old ways.

I/ We/ Many of Us have been preparing about this for the last few years or even decades doing our inner work for the evolution of consciousness. The truth of the matter is that regardless the individual levels of consciousness, we have ALL chosen and prepared to participate in this historic moment for Mother Earth where the political, social, economic and environmental structures are collapsing all around us and we are gifted - yes, gifted - this downtime from going to work, worrying about bills, rent, etc.

I often say that time is the greatest and most sacred gift we can offer ourselves in order to change course in life. The government's recent announcements about the economic support measures are giving everyone just that time to breathe, take a break, relax and rest for a while. On the other hand there is so much fear all around us, the media frenzy, the empty shelves of super markets, the social distancing measures (some of them rather counter-productive in my personal opinion). It all comes down to individual perspective and ability to remain Heart-Centred at these times.

I appreciate that I may be coming from a less common perspective that has been afforded to me by literally counting 5 times in this life time when I stepped in to the threshold of death and came back. It is also the origin from my Shamanic Soul ReBirthing work that I am offering to individuals.

Nature is Healing!

Most probably you will have already seen the online articles reporting clear blue skies in China since the travel and commuting restrictions and the dolphins and swans swimming back into Venice canals when the boats stopped moving. Nature is Coming Alive and Helping us Re-Member New Ways of Being and Doing!

On the spiritual-human level, some claim that the corona (crown) virus is affecting our crown chakras and connection to Spirit. My personal experience and opinion is that there is a lot of 'mental energy' interference in the higher chakras that are opening and therefore become more sensitive to the increased thought-forms in the collective field that feed from fear. I would strongly encourage everyone to limit the hours spent in social media as well as with electronic devices (incl. playing online games and watching netflix) and start detoxing from technology.

Instead, increase your time spent in Nature or with Nature and the Natural Elements even if that means opening your window to feel the breeze of the wind (Air), the natural light of day (Fire), the moisture in the air (Water), the cloud formations and trees in your view (Earth)! Reconnecting with the Elements is a great way to anchor yourself in the physical reality by appreciating its beauty and finding joy in the moment regardless what happens around.

To the extent that is possible for your individual circumstances, I would also encourage you to get your hands dirty touching the soil of the earth even if it means pottering around in your garden, balcony or living room! There is something immensely therapeutic when we consciously invite the plants in our homes and our hearts because this opens our bodies in the etheric level to receive the Plant Spirit Medicine. This is another form of living and breathing consciousness that can assist us on the physical as well as on the energetic and spiritual levels and help us Bridge the world of Spirit with the world of Matter. During the Plant Spirit course I did last year, we would spend 2 weeks as a minimum with each medicinal herb to acquaint ourselves with the plant medicine properties and its consciousness. We would start by making offerings to the plant spirit, preparing concoctions for daily consumption, meditating and journeying to meet the spirit of the plant. Once the relationship was established, the plants were very happy to answer questions and support physical health, emotional balance and spiritual wellbeing.

As Nature is Healing and Mother Earth is ReBirthing us into the Aquarian Age, the Herbs, Plants, Flowers, Trees are stepping forward to teach us new ways of Being and Doing! It all starts with the sacred reciprocity (the Andean 'ayni') in our relationships with the plants and the Earth Medicine. A few days ago I had this thought about all the people who are taking Vitamin C to boost the immune system without giving thanks to or even acknowledging all the fruits and plants where this Earth Medicine actually comes from!

We see the exacerbated shadow aspect of this disconnection from Mother Nature and Earth Medicine in the current food & supplies shortage crisis whilst the use of plastic money and credit cards keeps rising from all the people who are over-buying in stockpiles! The daily empty shelves of supermarkets reflect the panicked approach to remain in control of a tomorrow that is unknown.

Fear breeds fear.

The last time I found myself in the threshold between Life & Death was a few years ago following a surgery. I had two psychic friends at the time who could not 'find/ read' me for a few days as if I did not exist although I was fully conscious lying in the hospital bed. I could fully sense (and rather enjoy) the magnetic pull of the soul towards a peaceful place that invited me to rest from all the noise and drama of human life.

I reached a point when my Highest Self/ OverSoul came through to say that 'It was not my time yet. There is More to Do.'

The instinctive response of the Ego Self 'I am too lazy to repeat this [unfinished business] in the next life. I better stay'.

One of the things I have learnt is that often, there are 'check points' during a lifetime when our spirit may choose to depart or stay longer until finally it is Time. So for anyone who may worry too much or feel particularly afraid about the impact of corona virus on themselves and their loved ones, I would say that worrying is not your friend! By all means, take reasonable precautions on the physical level and then do your best to balance your thoughts and emotions and release fear! Heart-centred Trust and Peace of Mind help things flow in the Highest Benefit!

It may sound a tough message but there are souls who are choosing to exit this physical reality and the best we can do is alleviate the unnecessary suffering and prepare the mind for a peaceful transition. Death is not the 'enemy' and the process of destruction/ dissolution is not 'evil' by itself. In Nature and the Cosmos, there are cycles of creation and cycles of destruction that work in tandem to restore the Whole. I am consciously avoiding to invest my energy in writing about the hidden agendas and other forces at play because I do not wish to feed them. Instead this article is about the Earth Medicine that comes to help the souls choosing to remain in their physical bodies to fully reclaim Sovereignty as co-creators of this reality on the individual And collective level.

What's happening right now is a true initiation to restore the Balance between the world we have known and the world we are creating. Yesterday is gone and Tomorrow is not written yet. We are writing it Right Now in the infinite space of the present moment. When we learn to balance thoughts and emotions and return our attention in the Heart Centre, we enter the sacred portal that connects all existence in the space of infinite possibilities. It enables us to make new choices that improve Life for ourselves and our communities because true unity consciousness benefits the Whole.

As shamans, healers, holistic practitioners, our main role is to bridge the wold of matter and the world of spirit and help restore the balance supporting others on their path of evolution of consciousness. There are a lot of us who are currently pivoting around the contradiction of having to restrict or cancel in-person services and find new ways of supporting others that are appropriate and affordable in this moment of crisis. At the same time, we are all in this journey together navigating the waters of the Great Unknown and birthing new ways of Being and Doing.

Being here and now means that WE ALL have a part to play in overcoming adversity and co-creating a happier future. Just to give an example, I started part time work in my local health shop a few weeks ago just in time to witness firsthand the buying frenzy. Amidst the chaos, I have seen fear-driven antics of self preservation And I have seen the unity consciousness blossoming through random acts of kindness towards strangers standing in the queue and the innate desire of the human spirit to be in service to Oneness.

I wish to share with you reading so far my Vision-drawing for 2020 Ahead that I created in the beginning of this year. It has the 3 seed-words representing my personal intention for the new cycle and it is meant as a blessing for what I/ We collectively are Here to weave into manifest reality.

HeartH - Abundance - Freedom

I have purposefully chosen to play with the english word 'HeartH' and the greek words for Abundance (αφθονία) and Freedom (ελευθερία) because of their rich etymology that opens multiple meanings. Just the word 'HeartH' includes within itself the words:- Heart, Earth, Art. The greek word for Abundance (α+φθονία) extends beyond the meaning of 'plenitude' as it invites us to 'release resentment' in our interactions and receive the gifts of the Divine. The greek word for Freedom (ελευ+θ+ερία) is symbolic of the soul's flight towards Eros as we move in the flow of Love. All together, the intention of this Vision-drawing is calling us to embrace [the Tree of]

Life, as the Sacred Art of Creation rooted in the Heart of the Earth 

bearing fruits of Abundance for the Highest Benefit of All

when we flow [free] in Love.

This is the Great Work for us all. Bridging spirit with matter, connecting to the Heart for inspiration and following through with aligned action, creating new pathways for Love to flow freely even for those who may not be ready yet to join us. Remembering that we are all in this historic time together.

Just as our souls intended and Mother Earth willed it.

For those who resonate and wish to come together in community

I am holding online shamanic circles and starting soon a weekly online class on Alchemical Transformation through the Elements. You can subscribe on my website or send me an email for updates.

I also remain available for individual sessions of shamanic healing, reiki and hypnotherapy that are available online and at reduced rates to ensure accessibility.

I am also called to offer 'woodland' individual sessions where we meet in my local parks for despachos, limpias and cacao ceremony connecting with the regenerative healing energies of Plant Medicine and Mother Earth (and we can still observe the social distancing protocol!)

For more information, please visit

About the Author:

Maria Fotiou (Maia) is a Shamanic Healer and Priestess in Training supporting others through the liminal spaces of transformation to reconnect with their Authentic Self and and create an abundantly fulfilling and satisfying life: what she calls 'Soulful Living in Modern Times'.

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