Clinical Hypnotherapy

I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and approved by University of West London. Clinical Hypnotherapy is a form of short-term therapy that works with the Unconscious Mind that holds our deep-seated instincts, emotions and underlying belief systems. Through various techniques, I guide you into a state of deep relaxation/ focused attention that allows the Conscious Mind to quieten down thus enabling the Unconscious Mind to become fully alert and active. This is like reading a great book or day-dreaming that engages your inner world whilst you also remain fully in control of your external world (this is the reason why hypnosis has nothing to do with sleep!). 

What to expect from a hypnotherapy session


There is an initial 30 min free consultation to discuss the case history and set out the goals for the therapy. This can be done over the phone or as part of your first session where we start with some energy healing (usually Reiki) that predominantly focuses on rebalancing your energetic and emotional body. Then, we move to hypnotherapy to work deeper with the emotional and mental body to release those deep-seated instincts, belief-codes and repetitive patterns that are holding you back in life.

Before any session

please avoid alcohol and if possible caffeine intake as these are stimulants and may inhibit your natural ability to relax.


At the end of each session

you will feel more relaxed, re-energised and completely ready to resume your daily activities.


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