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Womb & Heart Healing Programme for Women

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This is a 4-month healing programme for women to cultivate a deeper relationship with your Highest Self and feminine nature and clarify your creative (sexual) life force energy.

The Womb is the centre of your feminine wisdom, expression and creativity. At the same time, it holds the 'memory' of all your intimate partners as well as your own feelings, thoughts, emotions and other energetic patterns that you have inherited from your ancestral lines. All this energy directly influences your sense of self, relations as well as your ability to 'birth' your sacred vision and dreams into life. This programme is designed specifically to help you untangle your feminine creative (sexual) energy from your present/ past lovers and ancestral influences so that it flows with ease, grace and in the highest benefit (aligned with your Highest Self).  

We meet twice each month on/ around the new and full moon to connect with Highest Self and harmonise Womb, Heart and Mind (the 3 Fires) that need to be aligned in order to manifest consciously. You are a powerful co-creator of your reality and this power can only be accessed through the present moment. Looking at what you attract/ experience in Life, you will have the opportunity to explore both Light and Shadow aspects of your Inner Feminine and Masculine nature to clear the old patterns and unhelpful influences and restore a new balance in your relationship with self and others.

What this Programme entails

During the 4 months of this programme, there are 8 altogether online sessions meeting on/ around each New and Full Moon for womb purification rituals and visualisations, shamanic drum journeying and a lot of other practices to help you open your Heart wider to Love and cultivate a more intimate relationship with your Womb, as the centre of your feminine wisdom, creative power and authentic expression.

You can expect:

> Connecting with your Highest Self and your authentic feminine / masculine nature

> Balancing the patterns of relating in your Self and with Others

> Healing past hurts from your heart to restore openess to love and receptivity

> Embracing pleasure as the divine birthright of your feminine body

> Mapuche Womb Purification Ritual for releasing heavy energy and attachments to past or present lovers as well as other influences from your early upbringing and ancestral lineage -  More info provided below as this ritual requires 3 months celibacy. If celibacy is not possible or desired, you can still receive this healing through the available shamanic journeying and other energy healing practices. 

I am also sharing deepening and self care practices that help untangle the energetic agreements and gather your energy in the present moment (where all creation happens).


The Mapuche Womb Purification Ritual (Garlic Ritual)


The Womb holds the energetic memory of our intimate relations (incl. the energy that our lovers may have picked up from other / past intimate relations). This Womb Purification Ritual comes from the Mapuche Tribe in Chile and it includes inserting raw garlic in the vagina to purify the energy of the womb and dissolve cords and attachments to past and present lovers as well as other influences from the ancestral lineage. This is a 3-month ritual that helps untangle the creative (sexual) energy and restore it to its natural state which is why it is recommend to practice celibacy for this period.

In general, garlic has a long tradition used internally to treat yeast infections and restore the ph of the feminine area amongst its many other physical healing qualities. As a Plant Spirit Medicine, garlic has been used for millennia all around the world for protection, cutting away cords and attachments as well as improving strength and sexual potency / fertility. 

How the Mapuche Ritual works

For 3 consecutive new moons, we are connecting with the Garlic Plant Spirit in ceremony and then insert it in the vagina before bed time. This allows the body to remain in a relaxed state as the Garlic works its medicine. When the healing is complete, the body will naturally expel the garlic on its own which can take a few hours or even days. The full details are provided to participants. 

If you have a male partner

You are welcome to invite him to join this process and spend the 3-month period to explore other non-sexual forms of intimacy. You prepare the garlic for both of you during the new moon ceremony and then he swallows it.


If you are pregnant or you are menstruating

you cannot use the garlic inside the vagina and instead, you swallow it. 


Spirit Guides & Allies for this Programme

The Highest Self is the one true authority for your life's design and evolution of consciousness which is why throughout this programme we call upon to connect with the Highest Self to guide, facilitate and support the individual healing process. We also work with the plant spirit medicine of the Rose and specifically with the frequency of the Sacred Rose, which is a symbol of the Sacred Union and can help us connect with All Creation (Flower of Life).


I am also humbled and excited for introducing the Sacred Couple of Ariadne and Dionysus to further support the process of aligning with your divine nature (the authentic expression of your Highest Self) and cultivate a deeper relationship with Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. 

In the Greek Mythology, Ariadne is portrayed as the Mistress of the Labyrinth who helps the Hero kill the beast (Minotaur) and gives him a thread to ensure that he can successfully make his way in and out. On a deeper spiritual level, this thread can be seen as the Golden Thread of Destiny that guides you in the centre of your Being where the Light of your Highest Self resides. The journey through the Labyrinth represents your willingness to enter the Unconscious and release hurt thoughts, feelings and beliefs that keep you in a state of 'amnesia' of your Divine Light nature.

Similarly Dionysus is best known as the God of Grape-Harvest, Winemaking and Wine. He is also associated with Fertility, Theatre, Religious Ecstacy and Ritual Madness. The Dionysian Mysteries were a ritual where they would go into trance state through music, dance and the measured use of intoxicants to remove inhibitions and social constraints and liberate the individual to return to the natural state. Hence Dionysus is called the Divine Deliverer amongst its many other names. In his role as the Deliverer, Dionysus complements Ariadne's work above by assisting you to Express Your Authenticity. Together this Sacred Couple are teaching us about Joy as the natural state of Being when the creative life force energy flows freely (in alignment with Highest Self).


To maintain a confidential and nourishing container where all participants feel safe to share their experiences and receive support, this programme is offered in closed groups only.

The next group starts on Sunday 15th November 2020 (New Moon in Scorpio) and runs until the Full Moon on 27th February 2021. All our online gatherings take place twice a month on/ around each new and full moon (exact dates to follow closer to the time). If you cannot make the live sessions, you can receive the recording and any additional material afterwards.

The sacred investment for this programme is £180 paid in monthly installments or £160 pounds when paid all in advance.

In recognition of each woman's unique experience, I am also offering all participants 20% off for individual healing sessions to further support your personal journey and requirements.

To register

please email me directly at mfotiou12@gmail.com to discuss payment options and confirm your attendance.

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