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Feminine Healing to Restore Divine Masculine

Hello dear Soul Sisters!


You are warmly invited to this series of six sessions of ceremonial healing for women who are called Now to heal the relationship of their Divine Feminine nature with the Divine Masculine and restore a new balance in themselves and their relations. We will be looking at the relational patterns that you have inherited from your ancestral lineage and upbringing and how these have played out in your intimate (sexual) relations as well as your ability to create the sacred vision of your heart into manifest reality. 


This is for Women who feel the desire and have the personal commitment to take a look 'behind the veil' at the energetic agreements that define how you relate; and embrace both the Light and Shadow aspects within. The sacred intention of this work is to assist the realignment of feminine and masculine complementarity within and without so that you walk as Love materialising authentic connections and conscious creations that are rooted in the Heart.


As Venus/ Aphrodite is the ruling planet of the constellation of Taurus, the soft joyous energy of this Moon Cycle sets up the perfect innerscape for the Two Become One grounding our intentions into manifest reality. Together, we will be connecting with the Goddess of Love Venus/ Aphrodite and the Sacred Couple of Goddess Ariadne who holds the Golden Thread of Destiny and God Dionysus, who is often associated with the Green Man, and together they are also seen as the May Queen and King of the Celtic Tradition.

As the Mistress of the Labyrinth, Ariadne will be guiding us 'behind the veil' to clarify emotions, beliefs and agreements realigning with the Golden Thread of Destiny, the best version of yourself in the Now according to your authentic nature. Dionysus, in his sacred role as Divine Liberator, will be supporting us to fully embody the Authentic Self and 'follow your joy' in Life!

Dates & Participation Details

There are six altogether online sessions of ceremonial healing, shamanic drum journeying, womb purification rituals and other heart & womb realignment practices to purify the energetic field of the womb and untangle the creative life force (sexual) energy from ancestral imprints and other cords/ attachments to present/ past lovers.


The first 3 sessions are available on a drop-in basis however to preserve a safe space of personal exploration, from the May Full Moon onwards this work will continue in closed circle. 

Recordings will also be available for those joining at a later date.


Under this lunar energy, we are connecting with the Lunar / Divine Feminine Consciousness to deepen our ability to Receive.

We are working with Goddess Ariadne, Mistress of the Labyrinth to heal the wounds of Love from the Heart and return in the Source of Love to reclaim the true essence of the Authentic Self. 

PART 2: 1st MAY

On the Holy Day of Beltane, we are connecting with the Solar Logos/ Divine Masculine Consciousness to clarify the Heart's & Soul's Highest Vision for this Life. We are also working with Dionysus, the God of Wine, Ecstacy, Death, Fertility & Theatre to clear soul contracts and agreements that are no longer in alignment so that the creative life force energy flows freely on the Path of the Heart.

PART 3: 7th MAY


We are connecting with the Aphrodite/ Venus, Goddess of Love and the Sacred Couple of Ariadne & Dionysus

to heal the relationship of Inner Feminine and Masculine

(This is the last available drop-in session AND the first session for those continuing in the closed circle)


PART 4: 21st MAY
Cleansing emotions, beliefs and energetic agreements from your current/ most recent relationship
(plus the option of Mapuche Womb Purification)


PART 5: 22nd JUNE
Cleansing emotions, beliefs and energetic agreements from all your previous relationships
(plus the option of Mapuche Womb Purification)
PART 6: 20th JULY
Cleansing emotions, beliefs and energetic agreements from ancestral lineage & upbringing
(plus the option of Mapuche Womb Purification)
The Mapuche Womb Purification Ritual (Garlic Ritual)


The Womb tends to hold the energetic memory of our intimate relations (incl. the energy that our lovers may have picked up from other / past intimate relations). In general, it is important that, as women, we regularly connect with our wombs and clear what is not ours and rebalance our feminine energy. Mother Nature has actually provided us with the perfect monthly cleanse of menstruation to release, let go and come back to the Authentic Self and Sovereign Power of Creation. 


This Womb Purification Ritual comes from the Mapuche Tribe in Chile and it includes inserting garlic in the vagina. In Traditional Medicine, garlic is commonly used internally to treat yeast infections and restore the ph of the feminine area amongst its many physical healing qualities. As a Plant Spirit Medicine, garlic has been used for millennia all around the world for protection, cutting away cords and attachments as well as improving strength and sexual potency / fertility. 


 The Mapuche Womb Purification Ritual (Garlic Ritual) is specifically to purify the energy of the womb and untangle the creative life force energy (sexual energy) from energetic imprints that come from ancestral patterns and intimate (sexual) relations which is why it requires celibacy for 3 months.

If you have a male partner who wants to join the process, he will also swallow a garlic that has been prepared by you during the new moon ceremony. You are also welcome to share some of the practices with him for his own personal use and together spend this 3-month period to explore other non-sexual forms of intimacy.

If the 3-month celibacy is not right for you at this point in time, you can still attend the closed circle and receive the healing benefits from all the other womb purification, shamanic healing and alchemical practices.


How it works:

 We 'start' the garlic ritual on the May Full Moon (7th May) setting our intentions for what needs to be healed (and keep the garlic in a safe cool place). Then for the next 3 new moon cycles, we connect with the garlic in ceremony and then you insert it in your vagina at night before you go to bed allowing the body to relax and receive the medicine. Then you wait for your body to expel the garlic on its own. It can be a few hours later or even days later dependent on the healing that takes place. Then when the garlic comes off, you offer it to the Earth. 

[The full details will be given to those in circle].


> If you are pregnant or you are menstruating, you will not use the garlic inside the vagina and you will swallow it instead. 


How this Ritual came to me:


I first heard of the Garlic Womb Ritual two years ago when I attended the Moon Dance in Mexico with about 1000 other women from all around the world. It kept popping up in conversations. Then last spring, I started receiving messages from my Spirit Guides about the Garlic Ceremony and shortly after, a Mexican Medicine Woman from the Moon Dance came to London and started offering it here. I knew that this was something I needed to receive for myself and in time, I would offer it to others. In the last month or so, I started receiving new messages that the time has come and I am offering this for those who will also benefit.

If you have questions, please email me as I am more than happy to answer!

Sacred Investment

There are 3 available options to attend dependent:

Option 1: On a drop in basis (only available for the first 3 online sessions in May)

The sacred investment for each session is 25 pounds (or 15 for those not working or in financial difficulty).

Option 2: Join the closed circle for the womb healing and purification (4 sessions from May 7th to July 20th)

You will also receive the deepening practices and free support via email.

The sacred investment is 80 pounds. (You can also receive the previous 2 recordings for an additional 20 pounds).

Option 3: Join all six sessions

You will also receive all the recordings, deepening practices, free support via email + 1hr individual session with me

The sacred investment is 130 pounds.


Payment plans are also available for those not working or in financial difficulty.

To book your place, you can send your payment via paypal at mfotiou12@gmail.com
and I will share the joining instructions for the live session.
If you would like to discuss a payment plan, please email me directly at mfotiou12@gmail.com
I look forward to walking this Path of Love with you! 
Blessed Be!
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