Corporate Programmes for Holistic Wellness

The success of every organisation depends on its people!

This is the reason why I am offering corporate programmes of Holistic Wellness that teach the people in your organisation how to look after their body, mind and spirit.


Drawing from the Lean / Business Process Improvement methodoly, I use fun, practical and easily relatable examples to describe the interconnectedness of Body, Mind & Spirit. I then share simple yet powerful techniques to restore the flow of energy in the body and improve vitality as well as bring a sense of euphoria. A typical programme is structured in a way that enables each person to learn through direct experience and practice how to balance their individual needs with the needs of the team.

Below are some of the topics covered. Feel free to enquire about a different topic.

For the Body:

  • Bodyscan to release tension and help the body return into its natural state

  • Practices to detoxify the vital organs from associated emotions and improve vitality

For the Mind:

  • Meditation practices using the Breath and / or visualisations to restore clarity and peace of mind

  • Practices to improve self esteem and problem-solving

  • Relaxation techniques for stress and anxiety

For the Spirit:

  • Practices to promote group coherence, respect and cooperation

  • Practices to enjoy the healing qualities of Nature 

To find out more, please feel free to contact me at and we will discuss your specific requirements. Please also note that these topics are available as individual modules and as a full programme. They can be delivered in person or through online training.

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