through the Elements

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Hello and Welcome to the Alchemical Transformation Through The Elements programme for women who wish to cultivate a deeper relationship with the Elemental Forces of Creation  [Air - Fire - Water - Earth - Above - Below] as a pathway to awaken their authentic power of creation.


This course consists of 7 online live sessions where you will have the opportunity to dedicate 1 week harmonising your relationship with each elemental force of creation at all three levels of its expression:


> the Elements of your Being (Mind, Soul/Spirit, Emotions, Body)

> the Natural Elements

> in Spirit (connecting with your personal Elemental Guardians)

This programme is for both new and experienced practitioners in shamanism as it provides the main principles to connect with the Elements through the teachings of the Medicine Wheel and at the same time, it focuses specifically on women's healing and empowerment. It is for women who feel ready to move into the 'next phase' and are looking for ways to enhance their intuition and creativity as well as address power leakages and shadow (unconscious) aspects of self that create disharmony and/ or block your path.


Each week we will combine shamanic drum journeying with womb visualisations and rituals to balance the inner feminine and masculine and harmonise your feminine creative power and expression in the world.

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