Abdominal Massage

(Chi Nei Tsang)

Chi Nei Tsang literally means the "Energy of the Vital Organs" and it is a blend of chinese and thai massage that works on the abdomen, organs and their associated emotions.


The abdomen houses the energetic and physical centres of the body's digestion and elimination process. Unresolved ("un-digested") emotions of fear, anger, anxiety, depression as well as modern life conditions such as overwork, stress, poor food and bad posture can create knots and tangles in the abdomen that obstruct the flow of energy in the vital organs. This may lead to lack of energy, digestive issues, constipation and pains/ aches in the abdomen, sexual organs and back area. 


Chi Nei Tsang stimulates and detoxifies our vital organs, unwinds any tensions and restores the energy flow resulting to a much healthier system and a more relaxed body and mind.

When coming for a session


Please wear comfortable clothing as you will remain fully clothed.  I usually ask that you lift your top so that I work directly on your abdomen but I can also work over your clothes if you are more comfortable. I also advise that you allow 1 hour between your meal and having a massage session.

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