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I am working mainly with women (as well as men) who feel disconnected, blocked or that something is amiss in life helping you reclaim your freedom and creative potential in alignment with your highest purpose. 

You may feel unsure about yourself, your relationships, your direction in life or how to fulfil your dreams and aspirations. You may often find yourself in repetitive cycles and struggle to make a 'clean' new start. Or you may simply feel overwhelmed and that you would really benefit from some support to access your inner guidance, courage and creativity. 

If you are a woman, you may also feel disconnected or out of sync with the natural rhythms and deep wisdom of your wombspace and feminine nature which often manifests in the form of menstrual pain, pms, low libido and ability to orgasm, and other conditions such as polyps, endometriosis, fibroids, etc. At a deeper level this can also affect your sense of self as a woman, your relationships and your creativity (the ability to materialise your dreams and aspirations). 

When we work together, my primary role as an Intuitive Guide and Healer is to support you reconnect with your inner wisdom through your Highest Self and body consciousness. Although my work is predominantly shamanic, I employ practices and teachings from a wide pool of healing modalities and indigenous traditions in order to provide you the best holistic support on emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level.

During a session, you are gently guided and supported to let go of the non-beneficial energy (ie unconscious beliefs, energetic agreements, cords, attachments and unprocessed emotions) that you may carry in the energy field of your body from your upbringing, ancestry and past lives. This creates 'new space' to embrace your authentic self and unleash your creative potential for your highest purpose into what I call 'soulful living in modern times'.

If you feel I can help


You are most welcome to have a look at the available services and ongoing programmes on offer.

I warmly invite you to email me directly at mfotiou12@gmail.com with a few words about your self and the reason for contacting me and I will arrange a free phone consultation to discuss available support.

I look forward to connecting with you


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​I come from a successful career in Human Resources and Business Process Transformation with extensive experience in designing and delivering large-scale training programmes. In the past, I would often feel depleted on the emotional, psychological and physical level which is how I started on the shamanic path. 

Accepting my calling as a Healer has brought many blessings in my life as well as challenges designed to help my spirit grow. I had the good fortune to sit in ceremony and receive attunements from indigenous  elders from Peru and Mexico as well as study with other remarkable teachers from the Toltec, Taoist and Buddhist Traditions. I also trained with Priestesses of the Feminine Path and other women who have dedicated their life in supporting the New Feminine Consciousness rising on the planet right now.

In my own practice, I follow an eclectic approach drawing from all my learnings and designed to support you in a holistic way that balances mind, body, emotions and spirit. I also work at soul level as guided by your Highest Self.

I love nature and animals and nowadays I spend a lot of time outdoors connecting with the spirit medicine of the Land and the Plant Consciousness. I also sing and dance a lot!

Thank you for visiting my website. I am looking forward to connecting with you!



Maria Fotiou (Maia)

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