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I am here to support you reclaim your authentic expression and creative flow in alignment with your divine nature (Highest Self).

Freedom To Be Your Self unlocks the full creative potential to live a happy and fulfilling life.

A lot of times what holds a person back from experiencing life fulfillment are the past hurts, learnt behaviors and unconscious agreements or beliefs that they carry from young age throughout their lives as well as other influences from their ancestry (ancestral patterns) and past lives (karma). Those on the Path of Self Actualisation experience a deep soul yearning to break free from this old 'conditioning' and reclaim their authentic power to create a life in the highest benefit - what's in alignment with their Authentic Self is the best for them and the greatest good of all. 

If the above statement of intention resonates with you and you feel that I can be of assistance, you are welcome to have a look at the individual therapies and various programmes that I am offering for more information.


I tend to work at soul / spirit level through shamanic healing techniques that allow me to tune into the Highest Expression of your Authentic Self for guidance and then I may combine other healing modalities and practices to balance body, soul/ spirit, mind and emotions into one harmonious whole. I also offer bespoke plans of Shamanic Soul ReBirthing sessions that include:

- energy purification & realignment
- healing the conception and birth story

- inner child healing

- ancestral healing

- past lives healing

- timeline therapy

- balancing inner feminine / masculine

(These are offered as part of a plan AND as individual / one-off sessions).

For more information or if you wish to book a session, please email me at mfotiou12@gmail.com with a few words about you and the reason for contacting me (what you would like us to work on) and I will arrange a free phone consultation where we can discuss how I can best support you. 

I look forward to connecting with you


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​I come from a successful career in Human Resources and Business Process Transformation with extensive experience in designing and delivering large-scale training programmes. In the past, I would often feel depleted on the emotional, psychological and physical level which is how I started on the shamanic path. 

Accepting my calling as a Healer has brought many blessings in my life as well as challenges designed to help my spirit grow. I had the good fortune to sit in ceremony and receive attunements from indigenous  elders from Peru and Mexico as well as study with other remarkable teachers from the Toltec, Taoist and Buddhist Traditions. I also trained with Priestesses of the Feminine Path and other women who have dedicated their life in supporting the New Feminine Consciousness rising on the planet right now.

In my own practice, I follow an eclectic approach drawing from all my learnings and designed to support you in a holistic way that balances mind, body, emotions and spirit. I also work at soul level as guided by your Highest Self.

I love nature and animals and nowadays I spend a lot of time outdoors connecting with the spirit medicine of the Land and the Plant Consciousness. I also sing and dance a lot!

Thank you for visiting my website. I am looking forward to connecting with you!



Maria Fotiou (Maia)

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